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UTS1003 Injectester

TK1026 Injectester

TK1020 Unit Tester

TK1025 Pumptester

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Physical Address
61 Fifth Avenue
Alberton North

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Postal Address
P.O.Box 4227

Phone: 011 869 4696
Fax: 086 765 6372
Dirk Cell: 082 576 0706
Jurgens Cell:
081 519 8963

UTS InjectesterA vast majority of new generation light commercial road vehicles and heavy duty diesel engine applications are equipped with electronic unit injectors or electronic unit pumps. Your most important assistant for repairing Unit Injection Systems is UTS1003•UIP. Its computerized user friendly controls allow controlling all types of Unit Pump or Unit Injector Systems, independent of their operating voltage specifications or injection timing controls.

The new electronic system in injectester•UIP allows to test dual solenoid Delphi E3 unit injectors as well as Siemens Piezo actuated unit injectors. UTS1003 injectester•UIP is the only solution to test both Delphi E3 and Siemens Piezo actuated unit injectors.

UTS1003 Injectester•UIP has all the adapters and test plans ready for the below electronic unit injection systems:

  1. Bosch (PDE-P1, PDE-100, PDE-90, PLD)
  2. Delphi (A3, E1, E3, F2P)
  3. Siemens
  4. Caterpillar
  5. Cummins Celect (N14, M11)
  6. Detroit Diesel (Series 60)
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